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Is creativity enough to turn a tiny space into a cozy home?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Do you know what I like the most in the small apartments? They look a bit like a playground, a field where you can show your skills, where you can use your imagination and be creative. When the owner is a talented and stylish person – the result is just WOW. 

Come with me to Sydney and let’s take a look at the apartment of Jessie James, the owner of “Supply Paper” Co. In her one-bedroom apartment you can see wonderful things – a Moroccan wedding blanket in the bedroom, ancient crates, beautiful paper everywhere and last but not least – an amazing view. Jessie is so creative that you don't have the feeling that you are in a small space. She let the light in, surround herself with beautiful items (love the ethnic ones) while keeping everything as simple as possible. 

So tell me your thoughts, does creativity helps you turn a tiny space into an airy cozy home? 

photography: jason busch for homelife

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