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Three Great DIY Ideas to Try in Your Worspace

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

One of my most favorite places at home is the workspace. I work a lot. And this mean that I spend a lot of time in the working area so I'm constantly looking for interesting ideas how to change it, to make it more creative, beautiful and comfortable. 

Today I selected three different DIY ideas that I would like to do myself for my new workspace. Here they are: 

The first idea comes from the Finish blog Bambula and the original idea was for a kitchen towel. In my case I will use it to hang there my photos, magazines or books that I read. I think that it looks awesome, I just have to decide what kind of metallic color  to choose. 

The second idea for DIY for the workspace is coming from Merry Mishap blog. She created a simple yet really pretty black ladder on which she can hang magazines, scarves and other textile. I love the ladder idea in the workspace. Long time ago I had one too and I really liked it. Probably I won’t make it black, but will try to find light texture of wood or just make it white. 

And the third idea is also lovely. It comes from Monsters Circus, where Mette shows how with some wire fence you can create gorgeous storage options. Here I will have to decide again what color to choose so the idea from the first DIY to match to that wire storage. 

Oh and if you noticed some strange things happening on the blog - don’t worry. I just finally found the time to pimp my design. And because I’m trying some new things… sometimes strange things happen - like for example unexpected changes in the font, or not aligned design element. But don't worry - very soon everything will be fixed and I will have a beautiful new re-designed 79ideas. :)

photography: first idea / second idea / third idea 

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