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Looking for Dining / Living Room Ideas

Sunday, June 22, 2014

In my new home I have a big beautiful two-leaved door that connects the living area with dining space. So I was looking for some more inspiration how to create these two spaces attractive… I almost furnished my dining area but I have a completely empty living room and so many ideas that confuse me a bit. Should I create it white, or can I add a grey sofa. And what about the arts on the wall? 

Anyway… I will leave my thoughts for later and will be inspired by this Swedish apartment that has also a similar beautiful two-leaved door. In the dining area I love the lights - I found them a bit unpractical - imagine having a fondue dinner with fire on the table… nevertheless they’re so beautiful. And what you think about the living area? The art behind the sofa is really gorgeous.LIVI

photography: bo-laget

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