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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I finally found some time to say hello and show you what inspired me today. Overloaded with a lot of work today, I realized how important is for our working place to be nice and tidy. At least for me there shouldn’t be anything that distracts me or I will start arranging, rearranging and eventually will forget about the urgent work that I have to do. 

In this regard, see what a great working space has got Sarah from “Smitten studio”. Simple, clean and white with beautiful plants. Do you like it? 

And after you enjoy the nice office of Sarah, I suggest you to take a look at “Onward Creatives”, a very interesting project of the talented photographer Jack Fussell. Jack and I spent an afternoon in Prague talking about the blogging, inspiration and my 79ideas. Maybe some of you also have blogs so it might be interesting for you be part of the discussion about the blogging and how quickly it changes.

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