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It's time for a new beginning

Friday, March 21, 2014

This is one of the posts for which I was thinking the longest. Not because it is long and complicated, but because it is personal. And I always thought that my personal things are boring to you (if I am mistaken just tell me and I will send you a huge load of personal experiences :))

But let’s get back to the matter. I am about to face a big change in my life. After almost nine years, a million adventures, tough times, dear moments and good friends it is time to say goodbye to my Prague and the Czech Republic. I don’t like goodbyes, if I could I would hide somewhere instead. Goodbyes are often connected with sadness and tears and I don’t like it at all. 

Anyway, no matter that 79ideas was created in the Czech Republic, during the period when I still didn't have so many friends and I was bored to death, I will continue to write my blog. And I guess that personal posts like this one will appear more often, because I will have to deal with many new challenges.

But the life goes on, right? And we have to live it in the best possible way!

photography: radostina

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