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DIY: Wooden tray

Monday, August 11, 2014

Did you noticed in today’s home tour how beautiful the natural wood texture looks on white? If not then check out the ladder in the bathroom, then the wood in the family room. There are plenty of ways how to do it. And since I’m talking about inviting the nature in our homes let me show you how I did it myself. I love using piece of real wood and I often use it as a tray. I started to employ this idea back in Prague. After a wedding styling for “You&Me” magazine we had plenty of these small wooden pieces left and I took few at home. The wooden tray could be near the bed, on the table - they are stable and useful in many different ways. I love the texture that they brings and I think that it will suit to the autumn mood that we have to start discovering very soon. 

Oh yes, and because I’m pretty sure that I will receive plenty of question for the carafe I will go ahead and tell you right away that it is from the Ikea’s Stockholm collection.

photography: radostina

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