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Reportage: Renegade Craft Fair / San Francisco 2014

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hello friends,
How was your weekend? Let me boast about the amazing weekend that I had. I visited my first big event in San Francisco and I can't wait to tell you more about it. First I visited the place with my friend Si, the girl from the amazing “French by design” blog. So we went there and had a lot of fun, surrounded by all those creative people and their beautiful stuff. But first let me tell you about the Renegade Craft Fair - this is a big fair taking place in 7 different cities - 6 in US and one in London, UK which began back in 2003 in Chicago. I have never visited bigger curated indie-craft marketplace than this one. Here are some of the beautiful things that I found and loved there. 

Not so many furniture were displayed on the fair, and I think that there is a reason for that: to travel with furniture is pretty much expensive and is not easy task for an independent handmade artists. So I appreciate the efforts that Alibi Interiors from Santa Cruz did, to bring their lovely wooden benches and tables in San Francisco. 

And here there is the beautiful patterns by Nell & Mary from Portland. They use them to create gorgeous pillow cases, bags, aprons, tea towels and etc. 

I liked the Eurasia Stool by the Oakland based design company - Palanquin studio. 

More beautiful colors, patterns and textile I discovered from Gray market Design. The designer Hallie Gray create really delicate, simple and very stylish scarves, tablecloth, duvet covers, curtains. When I touch the cloth they were so soft and quality. I just love it. 

If you are lover of more colorful home textile maybe Shapes & Colors Textiles will impress you. I personally love the idea of putting room flowers in a bag. 

One of the softness leather ever that I touched belongs to San Francisco based studio Materials + Process. And the design of  the nude tote bags is just ... to die for. 

Denim and leather are the materials that Aegis Handcraft from Berkeley combine to creates their beautiful bags. The studio is using their own wax, has gorgeous presentation and I would love to see more things from them. 

Very impressive for me was to see the work of Arts District Printing Co. or the collaboration between the photographer Jonathan Ventura and the interior design company Hammer and Spear. They created very interesting prints uses Lokta paper, handmade from the bark of the Daphne plant in Nepal. And the inks are handcrafted from fruits and vegetables. 

I guess that I have to stop or this post will became giant. But this was not everything that the Renegade Craft Fair offers. There were amazingly beautiful and delicate jewelry ( KMH, Seoullittle, MXM Jewelry), gorgeous graphic design (45wall design, Oh hello friend for example) and interesting ceramics ( Jessica Wertz Ceramics, Salt and Pipper, Rhyno ). For them I will tell you some other time. 

After San Francisco the next city that the Renegade craft fair will happen will be Los Angeles, CA.

photography: radostina for 79 ideas

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