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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I want to meet you today with a couple that are really special. I met them in February in their home and completely fall in love with them. I have never met people who love so much the simple things and are really happy with their simple yet pretty life. Please meet Zuzka and Mojimir from Woolewo. Oh yes, I forgot to present you their company WooleWo - Slovakian brand that produces handmade leather handbags. Stunning handbags. I was so impressed that in the middle of our conversation I just had to ask them to make a bag for me and my photo equipment. I just wanted... no I need it. Desperately. :) 

I rarely see people so passionate about their work. I was watching them while they were discussing the idea of my bag and at that moment I was completely sure that they will make it perfect. Because when you approach the things with such enthusiasm and attention for the detail it can’t go wrong.

photography: radostina

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