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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hello everyone. How was your weekend? 
If have to be completely honest my weekend was a bit hard. I finally put off my pink glasses and realized that moving has also a bad side. The hardest part is to leave your favorite people behind. Yes, we will still be friends forever… but a whole big ocean will separate us and in the best case we will see each other two times per year. Huh.

I still don’t know how I will survive through all this. One of the hardest things for me is to say goodbye. And for all this nine years in the Czech Republic I have so many important people for me to whom I’ll have to say goodbye. And I really don’t like goodbyes as I said already. I simply don’t like when people are sad. 

Besides those dark thoughts I did some scouting for my shooting on Thursday and I discovered a really nice park nearby and here are some pictures from it. Everything now is so green and pretty. The sun is shining and we shouldn’t be sad anymore right?

I’m pretty excited for the upcoming month because I’m planning to spend it in Bulgaria. Visiting some pretty nice places and the traditional roses festival. If you remembered I mentioned it few months ago.

photography: radostina

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