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Wooden stamps for your presentation

Friday, March 7, 2014

Nowadays, everyone needs presentation and it is not only for business purposes but it could be a more casual card with contact information. some time ago I published on my Instagram stamps that I ordered for "79ideas" and for my photography business and I received so many questions about it so I decided that this information could probably be helpful for others. 

My opinion is that stamps are the most universal and cheapest way to create a good presentation of yourself or your business. You can use it in your packaging if you have an online shop like those on Etsy, Dawanda, Bigcartel or any others. You can simply apply it to a paper label and thus support your presentation. Easily the stamp could help you also with some documents, business cards and even a contract or serious business correspondence. 

I personally prefer the old wooden stamps. They are so beautiful and also could be used as a decoration for my working space. 

What do you think about using stamp in your presentation? 

photography: radostina

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