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Maison et Objet 2013 | Mixed Materials | Nelson Sepulveda & Ay Lin

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Design Ay Lin
Natural materials, crafting, forms, pure, serenity.... it is difficult to explain what is the magic of the products coming out of the hands of the creative trio of Ay Illuminate. I wrote about them many times before | like here | And one of my favorite all time lamps, made by Nelson Sepulveda is giving a beautiful natural touch to my own home I am still dreaming about the round version of it as that was my first love.

Of course I had to visit them at the Maison & Objet in Paris this last weekend and we had a chat and a coffee. I also finally got to meet Nelson I love it how he seems to see beauty and find inspiration, in everything that surrounds him, he for sure is a very intriguing personality

Pottery by Nelson Sepulveda
At the fair I also got to finally see the pottery by Nelson Selpulveda and the new work of Ay Lin who designed the sombrero, the poofs and a new range of lamps, see them here here!
I added a small video below with an interview by Cecile Poignant that I like a lot to show you some more of his world. And at the end of this post some pictures of the Dadasi collection I got from my friend Karine of Bodie and Fou which is one of the online address where you can buy the collection for your own home. 


                                                                  Design Ay Lin
Pottery by Nelson Sepulveda

Pictures (C) Desiree | Vosgesparis

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